Prof. dr Viktoria Shashmurina, MD, PhD

Professor Viktoria Shashmurina, MD, PhD – Head of the Dentistry Department of the Faculty of Post- Graduate Training, Dean of the Faculty of Post-Graduate Training of Smolensk State Medical University, Russia. Scientific interests and expert activities in Implantology in Dentistry, Biomechanics of the Dentoalveolar System, adaptation of patients to orthopedic constructions, interaction of structural dental materials with the patient’s body, organization of dental care. Author of over 200 scientific works, 24 manuals, 4 monographs, holder of 4 medical patents. Head Physician and owner of the Private Dental Clinic, has her practice in Orthopedic Dentistry, Orthodontics and Radiology. Expert of the National Russian Dentistry Association
THEME : “Biomechanics of an implant-supported removable denture”